Thank you for clicking on 'contributions' :o) is a non-profit organisation and relies solely on contributions for it's upkeep. Monies received are used for various areas including web hosting fees, business card and leaflet production, club presence equipment such as gazeebo's, furniture, banners and signage. Basically, without contributions this site or indeed the club outside of cyberspace would not exist.

Should you wish to contribute, you need to be aware that this is all you are doing. You are not 'buying', 'purchasing' or even 'donating' anything. Don't look too much into this statement, it's merely there for tax reasons. In short, your 'contribution' purely goes towards maintaining the web site and sharing any joint costs outside of the web.

The contribution itself can be any amount you see fit. A quick poll on the forum suggested £10 but there really is no pressure. Rest assured that anything you can contribute will be gratefully received. A post will be made in the 'Announcements' section of the website approximately every month to say how much money is currently in the pot. In addition, any money spent will also be made public.

Right, after all that, feel free to contribute!

It is preferred that any and all contributions be processed via Paypal. This is by far the easist method not only for the admin but also most web users. If you wish to pay via cheque send an email to the admin by clicking here with your request and we may be able to give you an address to send to.

To make a payment via Paypal click the link below and send the contribution to: (replacing AT with ampersand of course!)

Everyone at thanks you in advance for your generosity.

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