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Posted: Aug. 06 2016,20:29

Had intermittent cooling with the car, to be fair previous owner had outlined this was one part that needed work.

Jacked the car up after a recent blow out of water and car is fitted with an electric pump which I knew but thought I'd check operation of.

Sure enough had seized and was red hot.

Took the pump off and it freed up pretty easily.

Back under car to fit it and then side cooling vent off to fill radiators.

Noticed at that point pump easily accessible without jacking car up - doh!
Previous owner / rebuilder had made it so that readily accessible which is great via the top cooling vent.

Question I have is I'd like to put a pump fail warning light on the dash - any ideas?
Is there any system any one else has used?

Also I may put an override switch on.
Do I need a relay for this or can I just wire direct from live feed?
I need the pump to over run after stopping and it's on with ignition live at the moment but I'd prefer just the water pump and not the fuel pump etc to be going to save the battery....

A simple 70's style switch will suffice, not bothered for timer circuit or anything.
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Posted: Aug. 08 2016,04:41

Hi  Jon5000, Have a good  read in here, lots of good easy circuits for relays etc  http://www.the12volt.com/
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