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Posted: Mar. 03 2016,21:42

I'm needing a little help,

I bought a Countach replica years ago that came from Guernsey were it had been on the road for years. The car was exported to the UK in 2002, i bought the car from the person who imported it in 2003. Me being young and not knowing what i was buying didn't check there was a log book or an export certificate. I'm now trying to see if i can register it without having to IVA it, i'm pretty sure I cant be just wondering if anyone has any ideas?

I have contacted Guernsey VRLD but they changed there system in 2007 and no longer have any info on the car so cant get another log book from them.  


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Posted: Mar. 04 2016,14:48

The DVLA site seems to indicate it would need notifying for tax purposes when it arrived &#128563;

Then approval before registration issued albeit cars over 10 years old are exempt apparently.

Have a look on the gov. website mate think you'll be ok.

Ex- Countach owner!!
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